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New to Market: Ben Carson Platinum Product Buyers

First time available: These buyers spent an average of $55+ to express their support for Ben Carson’s 2016 Presidential Campaign. From a master file of 100,000 buyers, these names have been scored by one of the leading modelers to identify the buyers who are most active in the market place.  See Data Card

Now Managed at Conrad – Stop Aging Now (Family of Lists)

Stop Aging Now (Family of Lists): Buyers, age 50+, have purchased superior nutritional supplements designed for consumers looking for cutting-edge, natural solutions in areas such as: anti-aging science, brain, digestion, heart, joint, men’s health and skin care. See Data Card

New to Market: NaturMed Joint Pain Buyers

First time available: JOINT PAIN buyers from NaturMed. these buyers have purchased products such as: Alleviate, Flex 19 Joint, OsteoHA and TriMotion Joint Health. See Data Card

New to Market: NaturMed Anti-Aging Buyers

First time available: ANTI-AGING buyers from NaturMed. These buyers have purchased products such as: All Day Energy Greens, Green Tea Elixer, Go Ruby Go, HGH Secretagogue and Opti 50.  See Data Card 

New to Market: Trump Product Buyers

Committed to Making America Great Again, these consumers have spent an average of $40 on products and gear related to the candidacy and presidency of Donald J. Trump.  See Data Card

New to Market: La Tienda

Founded in 1996, La Tienda has built a reputation for offering the deepest selection of high quality traditional and iconic products directly from artisanal and small family businesses in Spain.  See Data Card

New to Market: Flag Waving Republican Donors/Model List Select

Wiland Direct Members can apply their model to the Flag Waving Republican Donors file to intelligently identify, target and secure their ideal customers. This lucrative opportunity is open to any participant in the Wiland Direct database co-operative.   See Data Card