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New Managed List: Trading Tips

Trading Tips, founded in 2006 as an independent publisher of investment newsletters, provides subscribers with unparalleled financial products and advisory services.  The file is made up of premium paid subscribers looking for financial market and investment information.  For more information please contact Sara Douglass:

New Donor Lists now managed at Conrad Direct!

Now managed at Conrad: American Civil Rights Union, Marine Corps Heritage Foundation, NACOP/Paraylzed Disabled Police, Police Family Survivors.

Christian Church & Consumer Lists now managed at Conrad Direct!

Now managed at Conrad.

Children’s Ministry Magazine, Christianbook Catalog, Christian Century, Communication Resources, CTA Inc., Faithlife,
Family Christian Ministries Product Buyers, Group Publishing Resource Product Buyers, Intervarsity Press, Just Between Us Magazine, Outreach Magazine, Parable Group, Pastor Resources, Salem Church Product, Tract League, Tyndale Church Bulk Subscribers, Vision Video.

Special Announcement

Conrad Direct is pleased to announce that Maia Worden and Arlene Baum, both formerly of Atlantic List Company, have joined the Conrad Team.

Arlene has been the premier list broker and manager in the Christian market over the past 34 years- providing outstanding list expertise, negotiation and relationship skills for the leading non-profit and commercial organizations in the Christian market. Maia has used her 31 years of in-depth experience to strategically plan and execute the mailing list work for political campaigns, advocacy appeals and capital campaigns of some of the most prominent non- profit organizations.

Conrad since 1982 has been recognized as a top direct marketing company in the industry- known for out-of-the-box thinking, proven results, and a strong commitment to ethics. Conrad’s founder and Chairman, Jerry Gould, said “We are very happy to have such experienced and well-regarded executives in our roster of direct marketing professionals.”

Contact Maia:

Contact Arlene:

New to Market: Donor Democracy/Conrad Direct

First time available:  The Donor Democracy Database is one the market’s newest and most dynamic non-profit co-ops. With over 200 contributing members and over 3.5 million records, Donor Democracy has the ability to create custom selects to provide your mailer with responsive names targeted to their market and offer.

New to Market: Smithsonian’s National Air & Space Museum

First time available:   The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum maintains the world’s largest and most significant collection of aviation and space artifacts, encompassing all aspects of human flight, as well as related works of art and archival materials.

New to Market: Charisma Media/Wiland Model Select

First time available: Wiland Direct Members can apply their model to the Charisma Media subscriber file to intelligently identify, target and secure their ideal customers.

New to Market: The Weekly Standard/Model List Select

First time available: Wiland Direct Members can apply their model to The Weekly Standard subscriber file to intelligently identify, target and secure their ideal customers.

New to Market: Republican Platinum Product Buyers

First time available: Buyers who spent an average of $55+ on merchandise expressing their support for one of the most surprising and leading candidates in the 2016 Republican Presidential primary.

New to Market: Trump Product Buyers

Committed to Making America Great Again, these consumers have spent an average of $40 on products and gear related to the candidacy and presidency of Donald J. Trump.

New to Market: Flag Waving Republican Donors/Model List Select

Wiland Direct Members can apply their model to the Flag Waving Republican Donors file to intelligently identify, target and secure their ideal customers. This lucrative opportunity is open to any participant in the Wiland Direct database co-operative.