List Promotions & News

Sep and Oct ’15 Promotion: True Health, Health Resources & VRP

VRP: Order 5,000 names from True Health, Health Resources or the VRP Masterfile and receive 5,000 names FREE! Non-competitive mailers only. See Data Card

Sep and Oct ’15 Promotion: NatureCity

NatureCity: $75/M base rate and waived selects for catalog tests. Non-competitive mailers only.  See Data Card

Aug ’15 Promotion: Charisma

Aug ’15 Charisma promotion: Test 5,000 names get 5,000 free names for non-competitive test
mailers in the month of August.  See Data Card

December 2014 Promotion: True Health, Health Resources & VRP

December 2014 Promotion:  $20/M off the base, free selects and an 80% net for all test orders.  (Non-competitive offers only.) See Data Card

December 2014 Promotion: NaturMed

December 2014 Promotion:  Base only and free selects for test orders.  (Non-competitive only)  See Data Card.

Now Available – Heritage Action For America Donors

Heritage Action enlists grassroots conservatives to lobby Congress directly for the conservative policy visions of its sister organization, The Heritage Foundation. See Data Card.

New To The Market – Health Cracker Dedicated Email List

These highly engaged subscribers have signed up at to receive free health e-alerts covering the latest natural health tips and expert advice.  See Data Card.

New To The Market – Virginia Tea Party Donors

These donors are hard-core fiscal conservatives who are active, engaged and are looking to end the “business as usual” sentiment in government. See Data Card.

March/April 2014 Promotion: True Health, Health Resources & VRP

March/April Promotion:  Free selects & 75% net for all re-test orders (non-competitive).  See data cards.

March/April 2014 Promotion – NaturMed

March/April Promotion:  $65/M base, free selects for all fundraising tests. See data card.

New To The Market – Peak 10 Publishing

Peak 10 Publishing, LLC self publishes highly regarded informational guides, books, and videos that skillfully cover topics such as survival, finance, disaster preparation, health, DIY energy, and more.  See Data Card.