Nothing is more vital to the success of your marketing efforts than the intelligent use of good data; and nothing can do more damage, more quickly, than bad data.

Our highly skilled and experienced data service team understands the complexities of the merge purge process to help you take full advantage of this vital marketing tool. At the same time our expertise in data modeling and analysis will enable you to get the best results from both prospecting and customer marketing activities.

With more than 25 years experience helping both online and offline marketers maintain and manage data, Conrad Direct Data Services can help you build stronger relationships with your customers/donors/subscribers, and enhance response in all of your acquisition efforts.

Conrad Direct Data Services include:

  • Merge/Purge
  • List rental fulfillment
  • List maintenance/updates/hygiene
  • Data modeling for acquisition, reactivation, and list rental file enhancement
  • Data analysis
  • Comprehensive database management
  • Data appends (e-mail and postal)
  • E-mail database management and deployment