List Management

Whether your marketing database consists primarily of postal or e-mail addresses or both, your housefile is your single most valuable asset. Conrad Direct’s List Management Division is 100% focused on helping you optimize your list rental income and leverage the value of your housefile to open up new opportunities that can help your business grow.

Conrad Direct will market your list aggressively and creatively, utilizing a variety of analytical tools to identify an expanded universe of potential list renters. We will tap an extensive network of industry contacts to maximize your return on this key asset. At the same time, working closely with our list brokerage division, we can provide guidance on the effective use of reciprocal agreements and list exchanges, participation in cooperative databases, and custom partnerships, all of which can help you obtain the best possible return from your housefile while protecting its integrity.

As your list managers, our job is to:

  • Understand your business – your products, your customers, your priorities
  • Sell creatively
  • Negotiate aggressively and intelligently
  • Pay careful attention to detail
  • Follow up promptly on all orders
  • Recommend ways to add value to your list
  • Keep your data secure
  • Provide clear, timely, accurate, detailed reports
  • Protect your interests with conservative credit policies
  • Collect rental income and pay you promptly