Special Announcement

Conrad Direct is pleased to announce that Maia Worden and Arlene Baum, both formerly of Atlantic List Company, have joined the Conrad Team.

Arlene has been the premier list broker and manager in the Christian market over the past 34 years- providing outstanding list expertise, negotiation and relationship skills for the leading non-profit and commercial organizations in the Christian market. Maia has used her 31 years of in-depth experience to strategically plan and execute the mailing list work for political campaigns, advocacy appeals and capital campaigns of some of the most prominent non- profit organizations.

Conrad since 1982 has been recognized as a top direct marketing company in the industry- known for out-of-the-box thinking, proven results, and a strong commitment to ethics. Conrad’s founder and Chairman, Jerry Gould, said “We are very happy to have such experienced and well-regarded executives in our roster of direct marketing professionals.”

Contact Maia: mworden@conraddirect.com

Contact Arlene: abaum@conraddirect.com